It’s in this part of Spain that the steep mountain ridges of the Sierras meet the vast flat open pains.

It creates stunning scenery and also the perfect conditions for airborne adventures such as paragliding!

Air-Born Adventures

Air-Born Adventures offers tandem paragliding flights with an experienced pilot and full insurance.

Lasting around 20 minutes.  The flights cost from €90.

Typically flights happen one by one, but if you’d like to fly as a couple, they can arrange to have a a second pilot available so that you’re both in the air at the same time.  There’s an additional fee of €10 per person for this.

It’s also possible to purchase a video of your flight to relive the experience later with your feet back on the ground!

Based in Teba, just north of Ardales and the lakes, it’s around a 50 minute drive to Air Born Adventures and as the weather and thermals play such an important part in paragliding, the team has a choice of local take off locations to call on.

The specific location of each day’s flights is confirmed the day prior.

Advance booking is essential.

For full details and booking information, visit the Air-Born Adventures’ website.

For experienced pilots, Air-Born Adventures offers a technical guide of the different flight locations throughout Andalusia.