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Here you’ll find more about what life is like at Finca Gran Cerros 365 days a year!

It may not be Pulitzer prize-winning stuff, but you can read about how we spend our time in this lovely part of Andalusia; our on-going quest for perfect cookies, how we’re learning to try to make the most of seasonal produce and how we came to be the proud owners of a second dog and two cats…

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Winery Wandering!

What a fantastic winery we’ve discovered! And they offer tours and tastings…

BBQ Sauce

A really tasty way to use tomatoes that keeps for ages!

Finca Gran Cerros at home

We thought, ‘if guests find it more difficult to come to us, why not offer them a little flavour of Finca Gran Cerros at home?’


The tastiest condiment this side of Greece! Homemade tzatziki that’s a breeze to make and keeps for up to a week in an airtight container in the fridge

Advance Health Control Forms

Updated 19 July 2020: Advance Health Control Forms are now in place for entering Spain from abroad – and for returning home again

Homemade Granola

Homemade granola recipe anyone? It’s quick and easy to make and so much nicer than shop-bought!

Álora Awarded for Culture & History

The Andalusian Government has designated Álora a town of special interest

Homemade Hot Sauce

We’ve been scouring the internet for a ‘Nandos’ hot sauce replica recipe – and we’ve only gone and found one!

Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

This winter was a busy one! We closed to guests to renovate our final apartment and to upgrade the outdoor kitchen & bar. It’s been a labour of love, but is now guest-ready!

Whole Orange Cake

A deliciously moist Spanish cake made with whole oranges and yoghurt!

A New Life in the Sun

Channel 4’s ‘A New Life in the Sun’ filmed with us throughout the Summer of 2019

Welcoming Gracie

This week, we welcomed another permanent member to the Finca Gran Cerros household when Gracie joined the family