Horse Riding

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Horse Riding

Horses have played an integral part in rural Andalusian life for centuries. In fact, as one of the oldest breeds in the world, Andalusian horses are one of the best-loved exports from this region.

It’s said that an Andalusian man without his horse is like a matador without a cape and you only need to visit one of the many Spanish fairs and fiestas to witness the pride that Andalusians have for their horses!

Horse Riding El Chorro

One of the best ways to experience this for yourself is with Horse Riding El Chorroa small, friendly, horse riding association set in the stunning mountains of El Chorro, only a short drive from Álora.

They offer individual personalised treks to suit all levels of riding experience.   You don’t ride in a group with strangers – it’s  just you and the guide, which means the trek will always cater to your level of experience and preferred pace.

Treks range from short 2-hour treks to day-long (6 hour) excursions through the stunning scenery, as well as moonlit night rides and even extreme terrain treks for the most experienced riders.

What’s more,  to make sure that the thrill and enjoyment of experience is captured, your guide will take plenty of photos and a video to send on to you (free of charge) after the trek.

Short Treks (from €25/hour)

Choose how long you want to ride for – anything from 2 hours to 5 hours. All the routes offer incredible scenery and impressive views as you pass through olive and almond groves up into the mountains around El Chorro. You can see vultures soaring high in the sky and wild Ibex mountain goats grazing the sheer rock faces. Horse Riding El Chorro will cater specifically to your ability and requirements, so the speed and distance covered is up to you!

Full Day Treks (€150 per person)

A full day ride takes around 6 hours, with a picnic lunch supplied (please advise Horse Riding El Chorro of any dietary requirements when you book). The varied off-road routes take you wading through rivers and streams and climbing to great heights, offering the most amazing scenery. This is a popular activity, so early booking is definitely recommended.

Special Treks – Extreme Terrain (€120 per person)

The Extreme Terrain Trail is only available to experienced riders seeking adventure!  It includes extremely narrow pathways alongside sheer cliffs up to incredible heights, often through rugged terrain, yet with plenty of opportunities to speed up the pace and gallop through the pine forests.

The sure-footed horses ensure an exhilarating, adrenaline filled 4 hour experience.

Special Treks – Full Moon (€30/hour)

The night skies in this part of the world are amazing and when the full moon shines the bright glow illuminates the mountains and sheer rock faces; perfect for a night ride.

During the heat of the Andalusian summers, there is no better time to enjoy the ride of your life.

All riders are automatically covered under Horse Riding El Chorro’s Public Liability Insurance Policy.

For more detailed information, prices and availability – and to book your personalised guided trek – visit the Horse Riding El Chorro website: