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Finca Gran Cerros at home

These strange times are hard for everyone and it’s difficult to know when things will be back to ‘normal’ or at least a ‘new normal’, but we’ve really enjoyed putting the Finca Gran Cerros at Home products together.  

The time spent researching, blending, testing, certifying, and branding, making labelling and then offering for sale has kept us busy at a time when so many small hospitality businesses like ours are struggling so much.

This is the story of how we started:

Rather than sit twiddling our thumbs, hoping for travel & tourism to recover, we needed a plan.

We thought, ‘if guests find it more difficult to come to us, why not offer them a little flavour of Finca Gran Cerros at home?’.

So that’s what we’ve done; we found out how to make an online shop, added it to our website, bought more ingredients and got making!  that makes it sound quick and easy, but there were plenty of sleepless nights and testing setbacks along the way!

But now we’re offering some of the little extras that we previously made just for our guests (by hand, here at the Finca) to anyone who’d like a flavour (or scent!) of Finca Gran Cerros, through our online shop.

We’ve been genuinely overwhelmed by the lovely feedback and support since we opened the store.

So THANK YOU to everyone who’s followed us on facebook or instagram and liked, shared, commented or placed an order!

It really does mean the world to us both, and it keeps us out of mischief 😉

The Story of our Store

Since before we even opened our home to guests, we knew that we wanted to provide homemade products and produce – from homemade jams, chutneys and sauces to our own lavender pillow mist.

We just wanted to try and make the experience of staying here at Finca Gran Cerros a little bit more unique and special (back then we thought we’d have plenty of time on our hands to make these little extra details really come to life)!

The lavender pillow mist was the first little extra – we’d made them when we still lived in London, just for ourselves, and knew that the pillow spray really did help us sleep better!

Guests seemed to like the fact that there was one in each of our guest bedrooms.

That was soon joined by reed diffusers (initially in Fig & Vetiver, Blackcurrant & Tuberose and Lemongrass & Ginger) and our liquid hand soap and hand & body lotion in the same fragrances followed shortly afterwards too.

We were really chuffed when we were asked by some of our first guests if they could buy some of the pillow mist and soaps to take home with them, and the idea for our little guest gift shop was born – although we had to wait until the following Winter when we built the outdoor Summer Kitchen and Bar to have somewhere to put it!

More on that little (ahem!) project another time.

Ingredients and Materials

We like to source the best quality ingredients and raw materials that we can (typically essential oils and fragrance oils), all licensed, quality tested and certified.

We make everything in small batches of 10 or fewer to keep better control of the ingredients and blend, which we think makes for a better quality and more consistent product – as well as less wastage – and we print our own paper labels on 80% recycled paper stock (just be careful not to get them too wet!).

Everything that we offer for sale online has detailed product descriptions which include all the ‘Consumer Product Labelling’ information, prescribed ingredients and potential allergen information (to comply with EU consumer law) and you’ll also find more information about our candles as well as tips about how to get the very best burn from any candle, here.

We really hope you enjoy a little piece of this wonderful part of the world in your own home through our Finca Gran Cerros products.


Michael & Shaun x