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Away from the heavily populated built up areas of the coast and major cities, the mountains around 脕lora offer a fantastic vantage point for stargazers.聽 The gentle southerly breeze clears and dries the air as it reaches the hills and mountains creating perfect conditions for observing the heavens!

Taking full advantage of the favourable ‘dark sky’ conditions is the Torcal Astronomical Observatory in the nearby El Torcal nature reserve.

As well as being a centre for research and observation, the Observatory holds regular events open to the public, including deep sky and lunar observation evenings as well as planetarium sessions.

Events take place throughout the year, usually on Friday and Saturday evenings.聽 Take a look at the Torcal Astronomical Observatory website for latest details of the forthcoming events and ticketing information (typically costing less than 鈧10 per person).

The Observatory has a visitor centre as well as a caf茅 providing light refreshments.聽 The guided observation events generally last for two hours, taking in the moon and the visible planets, stars and constellations, as well as some deep-sky objects (galaxies, nebulas and star clusters).

But if you’d prefer to enjoy the stars and constellations from the comfort of your own private terrace, just sit back and enjoy the night time skies.

And, for an even closer look, ask to borrow our telescope.聽 You could lose yourself for hours exploring the cosmos in comfort!